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  • Jakob Lorber biography and work

    Jakob Lorber was born on July 22, 1800 in Kanischa (close to Maribor, Slovenia, Europe), unknown time.  Jakob Lorber was born on July 22, 1800 on the left bank of the River Drau amidst vineyards, in the Village of Kanischa, in the Parish of Jahring, where his father Michael Lorber labored on his small farm. It was not by coincidence that Jakob Lorber grew up in an impoverished ... Več

  • The Great Gospel of John

  • Household of God 1

    Introduction by the Lord to His Word “The Household of God” The writer of this work sought in all earnest and found what he had sought. He asked and it was given to him, and since he knoc ked at the right door, it was opened to him umed pure reason and keep examining and e hard and dead shell of matter instead of the living name of the eternal Giver of all good gifts, be opened to them. For ... Več

  • Household of God 2

    THE HOLY FATHER'S LOVE AND BL ESSING AS A SIGN OF HIS SPIRITUAL PRESENCE And Abedam asked them: "Now listen, I have seen with great pleasure how you way for you; but know that for the sake of your life's freedom I cannot remain among you as at present but must soon leave you as 2. "Which among you is going to arise and work in My name once I shall no longer walk in your midst and you need the he lp ... Več

  • The childhood of Jesus

  • Three days in temple

    New Revelation of Jesus Christ given to Jakob Lorber First Edition 1932 (Luke 2:46-50): “After 3 days they finally found Him, sitting in the temple amidst the teachers, listening to them and also asking questions to them. And all of them who listened to Him were astonished at His intelligence and answers. When they beheld Him there, they were confounded. And His mother said to Him: ... Več

  • 7 words on the cross

    FOREWORD This booklet “The 7 Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross” was received in 1863 by the inner voice of the Spirit and written down in Graz by Antonie Grossheim, a woman who belonged to the group of friends of the great mystic and servant of God, Jakob Lorber. Further details of Antonie Grossheim can be found in the short, interesting biography “Jakob Lorber”, ... Več

  • Beyond the threshold

  • Bishop Martin

    SUNSETS INTO SUNRISES Bishop Martin The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond SUNET IEOTRO BOisihUo pipoRM airtnEe PUOpih g fihp uEO lnR ypd1H Be lnir VEON HESE REVELATIONS end with an admonition to the reader by the Lord. We bring this already at the outset as it may help to better understand this work. (The Lorber Publishers) "He who will read these scenes from the beyond with an open mind and in good ... Več

  • Dr.Strauss

      or Why are these types of prophets here? Received through Jakob Lorber I January 18 th EE, such is important to know beforehand, what this man is, and the issue is to determine the specific texts of My book more closely, at which the same one takes a contradictory offence, and whereby he strives to prove the ungodliness of My Words. There are, of course, different kinds of texts in large ... Več

  • Earth and moon

    About Jakob Lorber Jakob Lorber was born on July 22, 1800, on the left bank of the River Drau amidst vineyards, in the Village of Kanischa and parish of Jahring, where his father, Michael Lorber, labored on a small farm. It was not mere coincidence that Jakob Lorber grew up in an impoverished rur al environment, though in a home open to art and religion. He inherited from his father his many-sided ... Več

  • Judas Iscariot

  • Pauls letter to Assemly in Laodicea

    Col. 4, 16 And when this epistle is read among you, cause that it be read also in the church of the Laodiceans, and that you likewise read the [ epistle] from Laodicea. Chapter 1 1. Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, through the Wi ll of God, and the Grace of God and Timothy our Brother. 2. The holy assembly of Laodicea and all the faithf ul brothers in it, and the wise in the Spirit of God: Grace be ... Več

  • Saturn

  • Secrets of life

    1   Gottfried Mayerhofer, who, apart from ... Več

  • Sermons of the Lord

  • The fly

  • The whale of Jonah

    1 About the whale of the prophet Jonah Received through the inner Word by Jakob Lorber ... Več

  • The healing pover of the sunlight

    The Healing Power of Sunlight A EVELATION FROM THE PIRIT OF OD ECEIVED THROUGH THE NNER ORD WRITTEN DOWN BY the prophet J AKOB ORBER 1 FOREWORD This little booklet, which has been out of print for some time, is being re-published, simply because it is held in such high regard by those who have read it and applied the described methods. It is hoped that this booklet will receive extensive distribution. ... Več